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Austin, Le Papillon (The Butterfly), HL

Baumgartner, Scherzo Nuovo, HL

Bennett, Sunrise at San Miguel, HL

Bennett, Toccatina Tag, HL

Bober, Tarantella Viva!, FJH

Brandon, Thundering Drums, FJH

Brooks-Turner, Waltz Parisienne Op. 63 No. 19, FJH

Buys, Arabesque, Kjos

Cooper, Around the World on 88 Keys Book 1, ALF

Cooper, Noche del Gitano, ALF

Cruse, Alley Cat Caper, HL

Cuellar, Toccata, FJH

Demarest, Willows in the Wind, ALF

Dolen, Dance of the Red Feather, Kjos

Fisher, Midnight Express, ALF

Goldston C., Turbocharged, FJH

Hartsell, Sunset Ridge, ALF

Hauber, Medieval Pageant, ALF

Hidy, Backstage Pass, Kjos

Hudelson, Scherzetto, FJH

Jones, Camel Ride, HL

Klose, Checkers, HL

Kraft, Journey to an Oasis, NP

Lau, Diamonds in the Sky, FJH

Lau, Winter Dream, FJH

Leaf, Dreams from the Isles, FJH

Leaf, Lyric Rhapsody, FJH

Leaf, Sailing the Coral Sea, FJH

Linn, Chimichanga Cha-Cha, HL

Linn, Footprints in the Snow, HL

Linn, Les Petites Images, HL

Linn, Toccata Festivo, HL

Linn, Wild Robot, HL

Maiocco, Cafe Francais, Willis/HL

Matz, Rain Forest Rhapsody, ALF

Matz, The Sorcerer, ALF

Miller, The Matador, HL

Mittelstaedt, Beehive, ALF

Nehrenberg, Storm at Sea, FJH

Olson, Autumn Ballad, FJH

Perdew, Bubble Blues, ALF

Petot, A Bit Ragged, Kjos

Polhamus, Unicorn Ride, ALF

Pulju, Musical Moods, FJH

Rejino, Time Travel, HL

Rocherolle, Pavane, HL

Rollin, Moonlight Nocturne, ALF

Sallee, Proceed With Caution, ALF

Setliff, Midnight Fantasy, HL

Sheldon, The Vagabond, FJH

Springer, El Toro, ALF

Springer, Jazzy Locomotive, ALF

Stevens, Twister, HL

Strickland, Sail-Away Sonatina, FJH

Tsitsaros, Crazy Man's Blues, HL

Tsitsaros, The Bike Ride, HL

Vandall, Blues à la Mode, ALF

Young, Reflections on the Thames, ALF

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