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  MacDowell, Edward

MacDowell, 12 Etudes Op.39, Schirmer ed.

MacDowell, 6 Fancies, Op. 7, ALF

MacDowell, Czardas Op. 24 No. 4, ALF

MacDowell, Fireside Tales Op. 61, ALF

MacDowell, Hungarian, Op. 39, No. 12, HL

MacDowell, Impromptu, Op.46 No. 11, Willis ed.

MacDowell, Improvisation, Op. 46 No. 4, Fischer ed.

MacDowell, Improvisation, Op. 46, No. 4, Alfred ed.

MacDowell, March Wind Op. 46, No. 10, ALF

MacDowell, New England Idylls Op. 62, Kalmus ed.

MacDowell, Polonaise Op. 46 No. 12, ALF

MacDowell, Polonaise Op. 46, No. 12, Willis ed.

MacDowell, Scotch Poem, Schirmer ed.

MacDowell, Sea Pieces, Op. 55, Alfred ed.

MacDowell, Selected Works for Piano, Kjos

MacDowell, Shadow Dance Op. 39 No. 8, Alfred ed.

MacDowell, Sonata, No. 4, Op. 59, Kalmus ed.

MacDowell, Sung Outside the Prince's Door Op. 4 No. 1, ALF

MacDowell, The Eagle Op. 32 No. 1, Alfred ed.

MacDowell, To a Humming Bird, Op. 7, No. 2, Alfred ed.

MacDowell, To a Water Lily Op. 51 No. 6, Willis

MacDowell, To a Wild Rose, Op. 51, No. 1, FJH ed.

MacDowell, Witches' Dance Op. 17 No. 2, HL

MacDowell, Woodland Sketches Op. 51, ALF

MacDowell, Woodland Sketches Op. 51, FJH ed.

MacDowell, Woodland Sketches Op. 51, Schirmer ed.

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