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Note Cards & Thank You Cards
Pens, Pencils, Erasers

'Noteworthy' Music Award Certificates

Black and Gold Clef Music Achievement Certificate

Certificate of Music Merit

Clef and Note Trophy

Clef Note Trophy

Cyrstal Note Music Trophy

Flaming Note Trophy

Generic Achievement Award Certificate

Generic Participation Award Certificate

Gold Foil 'Excellence in Music' Stickers

Green Music Award

Holographic Trophy

Large Note Trophy

Laurel Wreath Trophy

Lavender Music Award Ribbon

Little Child Music Achievement Certificate

Medallion Plaque

Mini-Note Trophy

Music Achievement Award

Music Achievement Certificate

Music Award Trophy

Music Scene Trophy

Music Star Trophy

Music Wreath Trophy

Note and Staff Trophy

Piano Achievement Award Certificates

Piano Participation Award Certificate

Piano Theme Trophy

Purple Music Achievement Certificate

Red Clef Music Certificate

Round Music Trophy

Shooting Star Victory Medallion Trophy

Shooting Star/Note or Clef Trophy Series

Special Award Ribbon

Staff Award Trophy

Star Trophy

Stardust Music Trophy

Stars Riser Trophy Award

Victory Note Trophy

Victory Trophy

Yellow Music Award Certificate

  Baby Gifts

Music Theme Baby Bibs

Music Theme Terry Baby Bib


Keyboard Bookmark

  Bumper Stickers and Window Decals

Bach Off! I'm A Musician

B#, Never Bb, Always B♮

Get Off My Bach

Go Home & Practice

Have You Hugged Your Piano Today?

Hug A Musician

Hug A Musician

I Love A Musician

I Love Jazz

I Love Music

I Love Piano

I Love Rock N Roll

I Love To Sing

I'm A Fermata - Hold Me

If You Can Read This, Thank A Music Teacher

Support The Arts, Kiss A Musician

Too Hot to Handel!

Treble Maker

What's the Treble Here?

When Words Fail, Music Speaks

Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake

  Clocks and Watches

Clock, Neon Blue with Treble Staff


'Take 1' Acrylic Picture Frame

Sheet Music Frame

  Gifts Items

Lovley's Gift Certificate

Music Wine Glass Charms

  Jewelrey & Hair Clips

Eighth Note Hair Clips

G Clef Hair Clips

Piano Hair Clips

  Kitchen Items

'A Good Cook Knows the Score' Pot Holder

'Bach to the Kitchen' Pot Holder

'Maestro at Wok' Pot Holder

'Rhythm In Wine' Cheeze Server Gift Set

'Too Hot to Handel' Pot Holder

Choppin' with Chopin Pot Holder

Clef and Keyboard Potholder

Melody Tapestry Place-Mat

Mini Keyboard Dish

Music Clef Bottle Stopper

Music Note Party Napkins

Music Note Party Plates

Music Score Pot Holder

Music Symbol Party Picks

Oven Mitt

Symphony Kitchen Towel

Symphony Tea Bag Caddy/Spoon Rest

  Mugs and Cups

B#, Never Bb, Always B Natural Music Mug

Black Clef and Keyboard Music Mug

Composer Portrait Mug

Flowing Heart Music Mug

Keyboard & Music White Ceramic Music Mug

Keyboard and Clef Black Music Mug

Mugs with Sheet Music Design

Music Quartet Mug

Music Wine Glass Charms

Old Musicians Ceramic Music Mug

Play That Tune Rose Music Mug

Symphony Tea Bag Caddy/Spoon Rest

White Mug with Large Keyboard


'Life Is Like a Piano' Pillow

'Where Words Fail, Music Speaks' Pillow

Here Comes Treble Pillow

Music Teachers Pillow

Pillow with Keyboard and Music Symbols

Plays Well With Others Pillow


Fuzzy Keyboard Coin Purse

I Love Music Coin Purse

Keyboard & Staff Coin Purse

Keyboard & Symbols Coin Purse

Keyboard Coin Purse

Keyboard Coin Purse

Keyboard Cosmetic Bag

Keyboard Handbag

Keyboard Music Wallet

Keyboard Shoulder Bag

Music and Keyboard Handbag

Music Notes Hand Bag

Music Score Shoulder Bag

Sheet Music Coin Purse

  Quilts and Quilted Wall Hangings

'Music Kids' Quilt

'School Rocks' Quilt

Christmas Critters Quilted Wall Hanging

Quilted Wall Hanging, Composers

  Scarves & Hats & Gloves

Black Scarf with Blue Clef and Musical Notes

Black Scarf with Colored Clefs and White Notes and Staff

Black Scarf with Gold Music Notes

Black Scarf with Gold Sax Galore

Black Scarf with White and Red Music Notes

Black Scarf with White Music Staff Design

Black Wavy Staff Music Scarf

Blue Scarf w/Color Musical Notes

Fingerless Music Symbol Knit Gloves

Fingerless Piano Keyboard Knit Gloves

Fingerless White Music Staff Knit Gloves

G-Clef White Scarf

G-Clefs Red Scarf

Keyboard and Music Score Scarf

Knit Hat with Colorful Music Symbols

Knit Hat with Keyboard

Knit Hat with Music Symbols

Knit Hat with Notes

Knit Scarf with Notes

Knit Striped Hat with Notes

Large French Chiffon Music Scarf

Music Clefs & Notes Scarves

Music Note Scarves

Music Symbols Scarves

Red Scarf w/Black Musical Notes

Red Scarf with White Music Symbols

Red Wavy Staff Music Scarf

Satin Scarf with Piano Keyboard Design

Treble Clef and Keyboard Scarf

Wavy Keyboard Scarf

White Scarf w/Colored Clefs and Black Notes Staff

White Scarf with Black Music Notes

White Scarf with Black Music Staff Design

White Scarf with Gold Music Notes

White Scarf with Red Music Symbols

White Wavy Staff Music Scarf


'Love' Music Socks w/ Red Hearts

Black and White Music Anklet

Black Keyboard and Symbols on White Socks

Black Music Stripe on White Anklet

Black Socks w/ Colorful Music Symbols

Black Treble Clefs on White Socks

Blue, Red and Black Music Symbols on White Socks

Colorful 'Do-Re-Mi' Socks

Colorful Music Notes Anklet

Do-Re-Mi Anklets

Keyboard and Roses Music Anklet

Men's Black Guitar Socks

Men's Black Socks w/ Colorful Music Symbols

Men's Electric Guitar Black Socks

Men's Lines of Music Socks

Music Instruments and Notes on White Socks

Music Notes and Dots Anklet

Piano Keys and Notes Anklets

Red Eighth Note Anklets

Socks, Kids Size with Keyboard

Socks, Kids Size with Sheet Music

Swirl Staff and Notes on White

Tan and Grey Notes & Clefs on Black

Tumbling Black Notes on White

Tumbling White Notes on Black

White Keyboard and Symbols on Black

White Treble Clefs on Black

White w/ Black Instruments

Women's Lines of Music Socks

  Stationery & Desk Top

Business Card Holder, Music Stand

Giant Clip

Henle Vinyl Covers, HL

Keyboard Pen & Pencil Set

Pop A Point Pencil

Stardust Piano Pencil


5 Inch Statuettes


Gold Foil 'Excellence in Music' Stickers

Music Note Gold Foil Sticker

Small Black Note Stickers


Acoustic Guitars on Black Music Tie

Baritone Tie

Black & White Clef & Note Tie

Black and White Split Clef Tie

Blocks of Music Tie

Blue and White Symbols Music Tie

Brass Instrument Tie

Cascading Trombone Tie

Clef from Colored Notes Tie

Colorful Music Symbols Tie

Curvy Keyboard Music Tie

Dark and Light Blue Squares Tie

Double Bass Music Tie

Drum Set and Music Score Tie

Drum Set Music Tie

Electric Guitar and Amp Tie

Electric Guitars on Blue Music Tie

French Horn and Grey Sheet Music Tie

G Clef and Keyboard Tie

Gold Clefs and Notes Tie

Golden Trumpets Music Tie

Hands on Keyboard Music Tie

Jazz Music Navy Blue Tie

Kids Music Notes Neck Tie

Large Drums Music Tie

Large Guitar Music Tie

Large Trumpet Tie

Mixed Guitars on Black Tie

Music Score Tie

Music Symbols in Boxes Tie

Music Symbols Tie

Pink and Blue Drums Tie

Pink and Blue Guitars Tie

Red and Blue Drumsets Tie

Saxophone and Music Symbol Tie

Saxophone Tie

Saxophone with Music Tie

Saxophones and Sheet Music Blue Tie

Saxophones and Sheet Music Tie

Sheet Music and Keyboard Tie

String Instrument Tie

Swirl Music Lines and Notes Tie

Trombone and Clef Tie

Trumpets and Notes Tie

Trumpets and Wavy Notes Tie

Two Tone Black Clef Tie

Two Tone Blue Clef Tie

Wavy Blue Music Tie

Wavy Staff and Notes Tie

White Swirly Staff Tie

Yellow and Red Tie

Yellow Note Festive Tie

  Tote Bags & Briefcases

'Life Would Bb' Tote Bag

'Music Teachers' Tote Bag

'Red Rose' Tote Bag

'Red Rose' White Tote Bag

Music Briefcase with Sheet Music Design

Tote Bag with Single Rose

  Unique Gifts

5 Inch Statuettes

Henle Vinyl Covers, HL

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