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  Musically Advanced Class II

Barber, Ballade, HL

Barber, Complete Piano Music Revised, HL

Barber, Nocturne Op. 33 - Homage to John Fields, HL

Bergsma, Three Fantasies, ALF

Carroll, Variations on a Plaintive Melody, HL

Copland, Passacaglia, HL

Gottschalk, Collected Works for Piano, HL

Griffes, Piano Album, HL

Griffes, Roman Sketches, HL

Griffes, Scherzo Op. 6 No. 3, HL

Kennan, 3 Preludes, HL

Lees, Fantasia, HL

MacDowell, Czardas Op. 24 No. 4, ALF

MacDowell, Witches' Dance Op. 17 No. 2, HL

Muczynski, Collected Piano Pieces, HL

Muczynski, Toccata Op. 15, HL

Piston, Passacaglia, Presser ed.

Rachmaninoff, 10 Preludes Op. 23, ALF

Rachmaninoff, 10 Preludes Op. 23, Kalmus ed.

Rachmaninoff, 10 Selected Piano Works, Alfred ed.

Rachmaninoff, 13 Preludes Op. 32, ALF

Rachmaninoff, Etudes Tableaux Op. 33 & 39, HL

Rachmaninoff, Etudes-tableaux Op. 33 and Op. 39, ALF

Rachmaninoff, Selected Works, Alfred ed.

Rorem, Toccata, Peters ed.

Snell, Essential Piano Repertoire Lv 10, Kjos

Talma, Alleluia in the Form of Toccata, Fischer ed.

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