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Barber, Excursions, HL ed.

Copland, The Cat and the Mouse, ALF

Cumming, Twenty-Four Preludes, HL

Dello Joio, Prelude to a Young Musician, HL

Dello Joio, Suite for Piano, HL

Gershwin, 3 Preludes, ALF

Griffes, Lake at Evening Op. 5 No. 1, HL

Griffes, Night Winds Op. 5 No. 3, HL

Griffes, Piano Album, HL

MacDowell, March Wind Op. 46, No. 10, ALF

MacDowell, Shadow Dance Op. 39 No. 8, Alfred ed.

Rachmaninoff, 10 Preludes Op. 23, ALF

Rachmaninoff, 10 Preludes Op. 23, Kalmus ed.

Rachmaninoff, 13 Preludes Op. 32, ALF

Rachmaninoff, Etudes Tableaux Op. 33 & 39, HL

Rachmaninoff, Etudes-tableaux Op. 33 and Op. 39, ALF

Rachmaninoff, Fantasy Pieces Op. 3, ALF

Rachmaninoff, Selected Works, Alfred ed.

Snell, Essential Piano Repertoire Lv 9, Kjos

Valenti, Piano Preludes, HL

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